Scientific and Technology Collaborations

Health Sustainable Development

Our team members are involved with multiple sustainable healthcare developments, working on a variety of cell, tissue transplantation and biomaterials projects with the aim of implementing innovation capabilities. 

Three of our funders work in the project titled "Implementation of a Transient Storage Unit" to start the tissue transplant service in Servicio Salud (Health Service) Concepción. 

This project was awarded to Universidad de Concepción, under CORFO Code 18IIP-BB-99543 with a budget of $ 199.988.400 CLP. 

This project, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Soraya Gutiérrez, consists in the implementation of the tissue establishment in Hospital Traumatológico de Concepción in Servicio de Salud Concepcion, alongside of the implementation of the Tissue Engineering Unit in the Faculty of Biological Science of Universidad de Concepción.

Tissue engineering & Biomaterials Development

Company´s scientific director Francisco Verdugo, the scientific advisor Jacek Wychowaniec created a novel collaborative project about cancer organoids for drug development between the University College of Dublin, Ireland and the Universidad de Concepcion. Dr. Jacek Wychowaniec was awarded a Researcher Mobility Grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry to work in Concepción alongside Dr. Soraya Gutierrez, Dean of the Faculty of Biological Science. Budget: £4440.