Hydrogel Bioink

Naturally-derived extracellular matrix scaffold 

We are working on a TLR4 hydrogel based on bio-recycled biopolymers and derived from the environment with regenerative potential.

It is an extracellular matrix based on marine collagens from by-products of the sustainable fishing industry that allows generating a structure where cells are added for the generation of artificial living tissues or for cultured meat printing.

Currently, the project is co-financed by the Production Development Corporation (CORFO) with an innovation financing of $275,000 USD.

Hydrogel based on natural polymers and based on marine collagen for bioprinting in the laboratory.

Different cells unite and multiply in the matrix that forms the hydrogel as a 3D cell culture. In the image above you see the cells (L929 fibroblasts) labeled with green fluorescent light.

Regenerative Bionk

Highly biocompatible marine derived collagens hydrogels for tissue engineering and bioprinting

Sustainable Hydrogel

LiveMatrix Biotech's research and development developed a hydrogel through the recovery of low-value by-products from the fishing industry. 

Sustainable product designed based on the circular economy from low-cost by-products of the fishing and forestry industry for the bioprinting of meat, pork or fish.

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