Francisco Verdugo

Scientific Director

Our scientific dirtector has followed the career path in academia and research since the beginning of his professional career. 

Several years as a clinical collaborator and assistant surgeon in the Maxillofacial Surgery Unit in Hospital Clínico Mutual de Seguridad C.Ch.C. along 2 years training in academic work in the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Chile, have allowed a deep research knowledge and skills that were complemented performing an MRes course in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Manchester, UK. 

This trajectory allows him the performance in the preclinical development of medicinal products of advanced therapies and implementation of innovation capabilities.

Currently, he is project leader of our novel hydrogel scaffold and co-director of the implementation of bone tissue transplantation clinical logistics in Servicio de Salud Concepción alongside of the Tissue Engineering Unit in associated University of Concepción.